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Super Bowl Cocktails

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Super Bowl Cocktails

Super Bowl Cocktails

Although, beer might be the drink of choice at Super Bowl parties, sometimes people like watching the game with a glass of something stronger. These drinks are a great match for hearty game day food like chili, nachos, or burgers. And best of all, they can be made in large batches if you're hosting a crowd so you won't have to play bartender and miss the game.


Fizzy Bubbly

The only thing seltzers really have in common with beer is that they're both in a can, but the similarities stop there. Beer is a high calorie drink jam packed with carbs. Seltzers, on the other hand, are a lighter drink usually made out of vodka. These seltzers will definitely appease any drink lover, and you wont have to move a finger to actually make any of them. 



Classic Margarita
If you're looking for the best-ever margarita, put down the bottled mix and try this recipe. The secret ingredient is good tequila and powdered sugar, which sweetens the drink and dissolves instantly. Serve it on the rocks or add ice and whiz the mixture in a blender to make a frozen margarita.

Grapefruit-Tequila Fizz
Looking for something a little lighter than a margarita? Try this tangy, fizzy cocktail made with fresh red grapefruit juice, your favorite citrus soda, tequila, and a jalapeno for a little bit of heat.

Margarita Sunrise
We combined a margarita and a Tequila Sunrise to make one great looking and great tasting drink.



Shoo-Fly Punch
Bourbon teams up with ginger beer and ginger liqueur in this strong but sippable punch. Opt for ginger beer rather than ginger ale if you can find it; it has a wonderfully spicy flavor.

Tailgate Sipper
It doesn't matter if you're watching the game indoors, in a parking lot, or not at all—everyone will love this refreshing blend of pineapple juice, lemon-flavored sparkling water, bourbon, Southern Comfort, lemon juice, and a splash of vanilla extract.


Bloody Marys

Bloody Mary Punch
The last thing you want to do at a Super Bowl party is play bartender for dozens of people. Mix up these big-batch Bloody Marys and let everyone serve themselves. You can even set the vodka out on the side so guests can make their drinks as strong (or weak) as they like.

Barbecue Bloody Mary
Make a Barbecue Bloody Mary with a homemade barbecue rub that doubles as a spicy rim and cocktail seasoning. Fried pork rinds are an optional garnish, but we can't think of a single good reason to leave them off.


Spiked Sweet Tea

Spiked Arnold Palmer
Everyone loves an Arnold Palmer, the classic half-and-half combo of lemonade and sweet tea. Make it even more fun for the adults with a generous amount of your favorite bourbon. This recipe is great for parties because you can make it a day in advance. Follow the recipe as directed, omitting the ice and garnish. Store in the refrigerator in a pitcher. When you are ready to serve, stir in ice cubes and lemon slices.

Spiked Lemonade Sweet Tea
We gave the Arnold Palmer a delicious new twist with fresh pineapple and mint sprigs. You can mix this easy cocktail with bourbon or spiced dark rum.

All of these cocktails can be made in bulk so you can actually make a few of these in advance and enjoy the game! We hope your favorite team wins and if you don't like the Super Bowl, we know you'll love these cocktails. 

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