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Armenian Brandy

Armenian Brandy

Aralez Apricot Brandy 750ml

Aralez apricot brandy is one of top class fruit brandies of premium quality. Carefully monitored process of destoning and pulping apricot fruits leaves the best part of fruit for unrivaled taste and unchangeable satiety of beverage. Full fruit bouquet of taste and aroma makes this fruit brandy distinctive, but especially stands out as smooth and harmonic drink that will lift...

Aralez Black Mulberry Brandy 750ml

Smooth and intense brandy made from black mulberry. It has elegant taste, rich aromatic and flavor bouquet. Long-lasting aftertaste.

Aralez Black Plum Brandy 750ml

Aralez Black Plum Brandy 750ML

Aralez Cornelian Cherry Brandy 750ml

Cornel tree is valued as a magical tree. Also, this brandy can be called magical. Very unusual brandy and very specific taste that is slightly sweet. Cornelian cherry brandy is very rare and appreciated brandy all over the world.

Aralez Grape Brandy 750ml

Aralez grape brandy is hard, very potable, balanced with mildly developed aroma, made by the distillation of the whole crushed grapes. You will feel incredible wave spreading all over your body afterwards.

Aralez Mulberry Brandy 750ml

Mulberry brandy is a strong alcoholic drink mainly produced in Armenia. It has the delicate and unique aroma of mulberries and a pleasant, slightly oily taste. Once having tasted it, one will probably never drink usual vodka anymore.

Aralez Quince Brandy 750ml

Aralez quince brandy is one of best brandies of remarkable quality that will satisfy demanding taste. The base of quince brandy is 100% fresh and fully ripe quince fruit handpicked and prepared for perfection. The fullness of aroma and taste is direct effect of the amount of quince which go into producing this fine spirit.

Aralez Wild Pear Brandy 750ml

Aralez wild pear brandy is the best way to start your celebration and enjoy quality without compromise. Smooth but intense fruity flavor that stays in the mouth gives the senses an experience to remember.

Ararat 3 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat 3 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML CHARACTER Three-year-old “Three Stars” ARARAT brandy is the youngest and most daring in the range. It is distinguished by its lively and spicy aroma of flowering fruit trees and an intense, slightly burning taste with notes of fresh home baking. Aged 3 years. Alc. by vol. — 40% MOMENT Lively and dynamic, “Three Stars” ARARAT brandy will...

Ararat 5 Yr Armenian Brandy Gift Set 750ml

Ararat 5 Yr Armenian Brandy Gift Set 750ML This is a delicious brandy that is aged 5 years in the best old oak barrels.The brandy has golden amber color in the glass. Fresh aroma in the nose influenced by oak barrels. The fresh aroma develops into a smooth transition from vanilla and cinnamon. In the mouth balanced strong taste with...

Ararat Apricot Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Apricot Armenian Brandy 750ML Armenia- Ararat Apricot has a golden, sunny color with amber reflections. Its intense tones of ripe fruit and apricot jam blend into a sweet apricot aftertaste. Its flavor is a combination of brandy shades with ripe apricots aroma and licorice-vanilla undertones.  

Ararat Charles Aznavour 25 Yr Brandy 750ml

Ararat Charles Aznavour 25 Yr Brandy 750ML CHARACTER ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend radiating a deep dark amber with light mahogany and golden reflections. The complex bouquet is a symphony of old wood, caramel toffee, and chocolate with a rich aroma. Rich and smooth with hints of licorice and dried fruit overtones. Long and persistent with a perfectly balanced finish....

Ararat Dvin Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Dvin Armenian Brandy 750ML CHARACTER Collectible ARARAT "Dvin" occupies a special place in the range of ARARAT cognacs. Due to the additional aging in oak barrels, this blend is characterized by a characteristic woody smoky aroma of cigars with hints of cloves and rich, slightly sweetish hazelnut flavor.Fortress - 50% MOMENT ARARA "Dvin" - the choice of true connoisseurs...

Ararat Erebuni 30 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Erebuni 30 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML CHARACTER The precious blend of ARARAT Erebuni 30-year-old brandy features exquisite fragrance and velvety flavor. The aroma of dried fruit gently and harmoniously combines with hints of toasted hazelnut, delivering the pleasant tartness of aged oak combined with apricot and smoky plums.Aged 30 years. Alc. by vol. 40% MOMENT The flawless ARARAT Erebuni...

Ararat Erebuni 50 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Erebuni 50 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML In Erebuni 50 we have created an elegant expression of the art of Armenian brandy. It has been crafted by our master blenders using refined spirits, including some of the oldest ones in our cellars. Deep, intense and complex, Erebuni 50’s exquisite fragrance and velvety flavour makes it a truly extraordinary experience.  ...

Ararat Nairi X.O 20 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Nairi X.O 20 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML CHARACTER Twenty-year-old ARARAT “Nairi” is the most complex and deepest in the range of ARARAT cognacs. In its noble multifaceted bouquet, spicy shades of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey and light fragrant peppercorn are perfectly balanced.Exposure 20 years. Fortress - 40% MOMENT The triumph of the victory, the achievement...

Ararat Vaspurakan 15 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Ararat Vaspurakan 15 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML CHARACTER Fifteen-year-old ARARAT "Vaspurakan" opens the gamut of old ARARAT cognacs. Its bouquet is distinguished by the harmonious combination of spicy, coffee-woody aroma and soft, delicate taste with a pronounced sweetness of Armenian dried fruits.Exposure 15 years. Fortress - 40% MOMENT Cognac ARARAT "Vaspurakan" personifies deep respect and recognition of skill. This cognac...

Bouquet 30 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Bouquet 30 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML

Bouquet X.O Armenian Brandy 750ml

Bouquet X.O Armenian Brandy 750ML Ararat XO aged 20 Years Brandy, A truly superb brandy from Armenian outfit Ararat. Whilst this distillery is little known in Western Europe, it is extremely popular in the eastern reaches of the continent.

Charents X.O 10 Yr Armenian Brandy 1.75 Liter

Charents X.O 10 Yr Armenian Brandy 1.75 Liter 100 year old cognac, alc. 40%. This cognac has rich amber color with the reflection of red tree and dark-gold blink and peppery notes with vanilla.