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Old Fashioned

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Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

If there was a Alcohol Making 101 class, the Old Fashioned would be the first thing they teach. The Old Fashioned is made to go down smooth, with a great mix of smoky bourbon taste with a sugar and citrus contrast.

What you’ll need:

How to make it:

Now it’s time to make the Old Fashioned. Make sure to have a separate glass for mixing filled with ice. Have the glass you’ll be using for the actual drink, preferably a coupe or even rocks glass, filled with fresh ice. The ice in the mixing glass will be left behind.

  1. Fill your mixing glass with all of the ingredients (no ice). Keep muddling to break down the sugar and stir lightly.
  2. Now fill your mixing glass with ice and keep stirring till chilled.
  3. In a sperate cup, fill with fresh ice and strain your drink, pouring it over the fresh ice  and leaving the stirred ice behind.
  4. If you’re feeling yourself, garnish your cup with a lemon wheel and an orange peel.

Woah! You have just made a beautiful cocktail (we won’t judge if you put it on the gram). For quality cocktail ingredients and at home delivery, go to ShopSK.

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