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The Ultimate Guide to Different Johnnie Walker Options

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The Ultimate Guide to Different Johnnie Walker Options


Johnnie Walker Options

Did you know that Scotland is home to over 20 million barrels of maturing whisky? That's nearly four for every person and a testament to the love of quality liquor. Scotch's worldwide popularity endures, and here at ShopSK, we feature premium Scotch at competitive prices. Whether you're a newbie looking to experiment or an experienced scotch drinker, we have something for you, including all the Johnnie Walker options.

Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous scotch whisky producers, and their premium expressions are some of the most beloved blended whisky in the world.

Do you want to learn more about Johnnie Walker? Let's take a look at what this storied distillery offers.

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The favorite of legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Red Label, is the Walker line's most inexpensive. Inexpensive doesn't mean low-quality. Red Label has no age statement, but this blended whisky features a nose full of malt and lemon. Drinkers get hints of butterscotch and vanilla on the palate that finish with a satisfying smoke punch. 

How does one drink Johnnie Walker Red Label? It's a reliable sipper with a cube or two, but Red Label shines in cocktails and mixed drinks. Try it in a classic scotch highball, Rob Roy, or the ubiquitous scotch and soda with a chunk of lemon.


Johnnie Walker Black Label

Aged for 12 years, Black Label is a step up in price and quality from Red Label. It is a worthy sipper, with smoke and stone fruit on the nose. Its palate features a healthy dose of oak and sweet honey, but what makes this blend unique is a noticeable but gentle peat expression. 

Black Label is a fantastic introduction to more complex single-malt sippers, but it's a worthy bottle in its own right.


Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

The Double Black is like the wild, younger sibling of the classic Black Label. Like the classic, it's crafted from 30 to 40 different whiskies. What differentiates Double Black Label is the dialed-up intensity of the smoke and wood. While the classic Black Label is smooth and easy, Double Black's palate and finish are a roller coaster. You'll taste smoke, baking spices, and a wallop of menthol on the finish.


Johnnie Walker Green Label

Introduced in 1997, Green Label is where the Johnnie Walker labels grow more complex. Unlike the Red and Black Labels, Green is a blend of single malts aged 15 years. The mix contains no grain whisky. It is a pricey bottle but well worth it. The nose features deep toffee and hints of seawater. The flavors are complex, heavy on cooked apples and baking spices. The finish is long on intense wood and smoke flavors, rounding out a sipping experience that pairs well with a fine cigar.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Gold Label Reserve was relaunched in 2012 and is a blend of single malts from Cleynlish. Like the Green Label, it is one of the more complex sippers of the line and not meant for cocktails like the Red and Black Labels. Where the Green Label focuses on smoke and wood, the Gold Label shines with sweet honey and floral notes. The nose is a bouquet of oats, honeysuckle, and a dash of baking spice. The palate is a rich caramel, butterscotch fudge, and creamy vanilla treat. On the finish, drinkers will find hints of wood and apple pie. 

If Black Label is an excellent introduction to the smoky and peaty flavors of Islay single malt, Gold Label is a beautiful companion to the heather honey sweeter Highland expressions.


Johnnie Walker 18 Year

Formerly known as Platinum Label, Johnnie Walker 18 Year is a rich blend reminiscent of Speyside single malts.The nose brings deep spice, cedar smoke, and vanilla, and the taste is thick with deep orange oil, cereal, and fudge. Drinkers with developed palates will notice gentle charred oak notes and, on the finish, an aromatic incense-like smoke.Put it all together, and you have a scotch worthy of a summer night tipple or a mid-winter treat.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

ShopSK offers same-day delivery in the Los Angeles area on its inventory, including the famous Johnnie Walker Blue. You've seen the regal, heavy blue-glass bottle adorning the top shelf at every bar. Playwright George Bernard Shaw once called it "liquid sunshine."

But is it worth the price? The standard Blue Label is a blend of Scotland's rarest and most expensive whiskies, and on the nose, you'll find the signature Johnnie Walker smoke and a deep raisin flavor that suggests port or sherry cask aging. The standard Blue Label stands alone, but Johnnie Walker also offers several premium Blue Label varieties worth exploring. 

ShopSK can deliver these bottles to your home today.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Glenury Royal

This limited-edition Blue Label edition features a whisky blend from the rare casks of the Glenury Royal "ghost" distillery. Also found in this Highland blend are rare whiskies from Glen Elgin, Glenlossie, and Glenkinchie. You'll find notes of stonefruit, honey, baking spices on the nose, and typical Highland toffee and caramel on the palate. The finish is the show's star, with hints of smoke and ginger.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Port Ellen

Another limited-edition Blue Label edition is a blend of eight whiskies from famous but defunct distilleries. The Port Ellen distillery closed in 1983, so this is the only way you can taste its prominent, peaty characteristics. This blend also features malt from the famous Oban distillery and has a sweet nose rich with pipe tobacco. Its complex palate with a dry smoke, roasted nuts, and citrus make the Ghost & Rare Port Ellen a sought-after bottle.


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