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Mai tai drink

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Mai tai drink

Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is a perfect drink for a hot summer day on the beach (or even a cold day at home). The mix of rum and sugar dances with satisfaction on the tongue while the fresh lime juice gives it the tang that you’ll be craving.


What you’ll need:


How to make it:

We highly encourage a cocktail shaker but a blender will also suffice (make sure to not include the ice in the blender, because it will dilute your drink). These directions will assume you already are a badass at-home cocktail maker and have gone out to get the shaker.


  1. Put all your ingredients (please read above for how to make the rock candy syrup) into a shaker with ice and shake. The more crushed the ice is, the better.
  2. Make sure to keep shaking the drink until frost has gathered on the outside of your shaker (or till you’re tired, whichever comes first).
  3. Pour (don’t strain so include the ice from the shaker) into an old-fashioned glass (preferably chilled)
  4. Top off with even more lime juice to your liking.


Woah! You’ve just made a beautiful drink (we won’t judge if you put it on the ‘gram). For quality cocktail ingredients and at home delivery, go to ShopSK.

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