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Ovid Experiment N3.8 750ml

Ovid Experiment N3.8 750ml

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 Ovid Experiment N3.8 750ml

The Ovid "Experiment" range of wines is essentially a scratch pad for the winemaking team at Ovid. They are able to continuously test new viticulture and winemaking techniques in their ongoing quest to create the perfect expression of Napa Valley Cabernet. The 2018 "N3.8" edition is sourced from a vineyard block close to Ovid's home estate, but planted with the opposite row orientation (East - West vs North - South). The Ovid Experiment N3.8 wine was grown, harvested and made in an identical fashion to Ovid's flagship, so the differences in flavor, texture and structure can be attributed to row orientation and how that variable impacts the finished wine.

Enjoy Ovid Experiment N3.8!

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Ovid Experiment N3.8 750ml

Ovid Experiment N3.8 750ml

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