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Ohanyan Ice Vodka 750ml

Ohanyan Ice Vodka 750ml

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Ohanyan Ice Vodka 750ml

Ohanyan Ice Vodka is a masterpiece dedicated to its appreciators. This product is a gift of an exquisite taste of real vodka to connoisseurs. Our specialists have developed a special recipe based on choice wheat spirits that reveals an ideal balance of classic and modern trends. All the ingredients in its composition, including mountain spring-water and excellent wheat spirit, undergo fivefold filtration with argent. The pure spring-water, labor-intensive production process and a specially calculated rest period allow the creation of vodka of unique quality – an epitome of experience and skill. The purification technology used in the process of Ohanyan Ice Vodka production contributes to the birth of that very taste - soft and multifaceted, refined and exquisitely restrained.

When creating Ohanyan Ice Vodka, apart from the content, much attention has been paid to the appearance of the product: an exquisite matte bottle that changes color when cooled to the ideal temperature of consumption reflects the essence of the product and the brand as a whole.

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Ohanyan Ice Vodka 750ml

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