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Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water 500ml

Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water 500ml

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Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water 500ml 

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Straight from the mountain to a can. Most of the top-selling bottled waters are actually just over purified municipal tap water. Liquid Death comes from an underground mountain spring deep below a few hundred feet of stone. The water is tapped right from the source into our bottler where it goes directly into our air-tight cans (with CO2) after a fancy purification process that 100% maintains the original mineral profile of the water. These natural minerals and electrolytes aren't just good for your body, they will murder your thirst. Instantly. Very drinkable carbonation level more similar to beer than soda.
Death to Plastic. Not only do can get more ice-cold, but air-tight cans protect the water from both light and air. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Plastic is not. In fact, plastic is not even technically recyclable anymore because it is no longer profitable to recycle. Why? Recycled plastic is such low quality it can't be used to make new bottles. So there's no market for buying worthless plastic waste. Plastic costs too much to sort & Process. So most recycling facilities now send plastic to landfills because they would go out of business trying to recycle it. Environmental economists now say that it is actually better for the planet to simply throw your plastic away in the trash.
Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water 500ml

Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water 500ml

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