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Herradura Agave Nectar 23.2oz

Herradura Agave Nectar 23.2oz

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Herradura Agave Nectar 23.2oz

This natural sweetener is an easy replacement for simple syrup, which is used in numerous cocktails, because of its remarkable taste, long shelf life and lower glycemic index, making it a strong alternative to sugar.

Herradura Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener made from the blue agave plant, the same plant used to make tequila. The nectar though is made by cooking and filtering the sap from the pia, the heart of the blue agave plant.

The taste of the blue Herradura Agave Nectar is comparable, but not identical, to the taste of honey but is less viscous, making it perfect to sweeten cold drinks because it dissolves quickly. Plus, being a natural sweetener, it does not have a bitter aftertaste the way artificial sweeteners often do.

Herradura Agave Nectar 23.2oz

Herradura Agave Nectar 23.2oz

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