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Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac 750ml

Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac 750ml

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Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac 750ml

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A high-end Cognac from the House of Courvoisier, Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac is a truly rare gem and the lasting legacy of House of Courvoisier’s fifth Master Blender, Jean-Marc Olivier. This blend comprises over 100 exceptionally rare eaux-de-vie, some dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century, complemented with younger components from the early 21st Century to mark Courvoisier’s innovations in distillation and barrel-making techniques.  For their maturation, Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac selects fine-grained Limousin oak from the Forest of Tronçais, famous for its soft vanilla notes and gentle spice. 

Eye: Glimmering copper. 

Nose: Sandalwood and cigar leaves followed by toffee, marzipan and fresh honey. Finally, the delicate perfume of early summer blossom drifts past.

Palate: Liquorice, dried plum and apricot, developing into caramel notes and honey. Dry fruit and toffee build to a smouldering intensity that lingers on the palate seemingly forever.

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Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac 750ml

Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac 750ml

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