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Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml
Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml
Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml

Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml

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Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml


A divine blend of Brillet Cognac, brought to life through maceration of carefully selected perfectly ripe pears. The famous, original liqueur of Poire Williams and Cognac Brillet, this is a remarkable choice of beverage. Full of fruity flavour, but still impressionable with its full body, the Belle de Brillet Liqueur Cognac can be effortlessly enjoyed by all.

A flavourful choice, “Pore Williams” has created a sophisticated, yet charming Cognac. Impressively produced using the finest Brillet Cognac Eau-de-vie from the heart of the Cognac region. Perfectly matured pears are meticulously selected, picked at peak and around twenty monumental pounds of the tasteful fruit can be found in each bottle. But the real brilliance of this Cognac is closely guarded by Maison Brillet, who uses a secret ingredient yet to be revealed. An unsolved mystery, but one that is welcome in the face of this incredible flavour.

Presentation of the bottle 

A fitting choice of decoration, this elegant Cognac lies within a beautiful pear-shaped glass bottle. Brilliantly gold, the bottle displays flawless purity. Dressed in black and gold to fully highlight it’s class, this is a Cognac that deserves to be proudly displayed. Balancing tradition and style effortlessly, it’s outer edges are remarkable as what lies beneath them.

How to enjoy 

With flavour that is suited to all preferences, the Brillet Cognac is perfectly paired amongst friends, during a relaxing evening by the fire or as a generous post-dinner tipple. A favourite for those with a gourmet palate, adding this Cognac is guaranteed to offer a burst of flavour wherever it is placed.

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Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml

Belle De Brillet Liqueur 700ml

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