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365 Pomegranate Wine 750ml

365 Pomegranate Wine 750ml

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365 Pomegranate Wine 750ml

The semi-sweet wine is produced in accordance with the unique technology of the Gevorkian Winery winemakers from the pomegranates cultivated in Meghri orchards in the heated sun of the most southern region of Armenia – Syunik! 365 Pomegranate Wine has transparent red and brown shades, an intensive aroma and refreshing acidity of the pomegranate, a pleasant astringency of pomegranate kernels and the fruit skin, and a long-lasting pomegranate aftertaste with pleasant and gentle tannins. Alc. volume: 12%
Bottle size: 750ml
Fermentation temperature: 15-16ºС
Serving temperature: 16-18ºC

Gastronomic recommendations: 365 Pomegranate Wine is a perfect complement to cream cheese, salads, and turkey or chicken white meat dishes.

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365 Pomegranate Wine 750ml

365 Pomegranate Wine 750ml

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