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Luxury Drinks

Luxury Drinks

Looking for some new Drinks for your guests? Choose your drink from our luxury drinks menu.

A selection of Luxury gifts. It is a list of the Most Popular Luxurious Drinks. Celebrate good times with our Luxury Drinks. Buy Luxury Drinks Online from The ShopSK.

Ron Zacapa & Flor De Cana 25 Yr Rum Combo Package 750ml

Ron Zacapa XO Rum 750ml Aged in a combination of bourbon, delicate sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine casks to create a unique depth of flavor and character. After three years the used barrels are emptied and then re-charred to give the rum a sweeter flavor from the newly charred wood. Flor De Cana 25Yr Single Estate Rum 750ml Flor de...

Flor De Cana 25 Yr Single Estate Rum 750ml

Flor De Cana 25 Yr Single Estate Rum 750ml Flor De Cana 25 Yr Single Estate Rum is a superb luxury sipper that has spent a quarter of a century aging in ex-bourbon barrels, soaking up rich flavor and color from decades of maturation. The barrels, which are sealed with Nicaraguan plantain leaves to prevent leakage, rest in ventilated warehouses...