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          Fine Sake

          Watari Bune, Junmai Daiginjo Liquid Gold 750ml

          Watari Bune, Junmai Daiginjo Liquid Gold 750mlThis junmai daiginjo is inarguably one of the most prized junmai daiginjos in the sake world. It is deep, luscious and layered with big but well-balanced fruit flavors characterized by honeydew melon, peaches and pineapple.Deep, luscious, and layered with concentrated, juicy honeydew and peach.2 day lead time
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          Kubota Manjyu 720ml

          Presented by Asahi Brewery, Kubota Manjyu is the paramount of the "Kubota" series. Has a plush, creamy texture, and several layers of complex flavor and umami. Enjoyed chilled, this sake can reveal the calm and complex portrait of existence. 
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          Hakkaisan Sake Daiginjo 720 ml

           Hakkaisan Daiginjo is the pinnacle of brewer's craft. Crisp and subtle, it is brewed only during the coldest Niigata winter months to ensure the highest quality. Yamada Nishiki is milled to a luxurious 40%, creating a character that evokes the pristine snow surrounding the brewery and reveals the essence of Hakkaisan Brewery's famously clean and exceedingly smooth character.
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