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          San Pellegrino Mineral Water 750ml

          San Pellegrino Mineral Water 750mlCompared to other mineral water brands, San Pellegrino has some of the highest levels of sulfate (SO4–) water known in the world today: 459 milligrams per liter. It also has a decent amount of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate as well as other trace minerals.
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          Perrier Lemon Water 750ml

          Perrier Lemon Water 750mlThe subtle flavor of lemon gives this already refreshing drink that extra kick! Perrier Lemon is a perfect alternative for when you're craving a carbonated beverage but need a little bit of tangy flavor with the fizzy goodness. Perrier Lemon is also a perfect addition to a delicious cocktail. 
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          Acqua Panna Water 750ml

          Acqua Panna Water 750mlAcqua Panna Water has great taste and it is a good gift idea. It composes of minerals and makes up for a great taste. It is also well known as Acqua Panna and it is recommended by millions of individuals in marketplaces. Acqua Panna Water has low-acid and low mineral salts 
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          Perrier Lime Water 750ml

          Perrier Lime Water 750mlWith that classic cocktail twist, Lime-flavored PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water fits your workout just as well as your highball. Citrus zing produces a crisply refreshing drink, with zero calories and zero sweeteners, that’s perfect for any situation. Born in the south of France, PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has delighted people worldwide for more than 150 years. It’s...
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          Perrier Sparkling Water 750ml

          Perrier Sparkling Water 750mlElegant, sparkling and refreshing. It has delighted generations of beverage seekers, with its unique blend of distinctive bubbles and balanced mineral content. Originating in France, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide. Glass Bottle.
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