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Brun Arak 750ml
Brun Arak 750ml
Brun Arak 750ml

Brun Arak 750ml

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Brun Arak 750ml

Brun Arak is the world’s most famous arak. Brun Arak made with alcohol produced traditionally using a three-stage distillation in alembics from estate-grown grapes that’s blended with fresh anise to create it’s signature aromatics. The crystal clear arak is then aged in old clay jars inside a hundred-year-old cellar. This traditional process grants Brun Arak a softness and a pleasant taste that make it a delight to have with Mediterranean plates. At 53% alcohol, this arak packs a fragrant punch. Serve it the classic way - 1/3 arak to 2/3 water mixed then poured over ice - or in your favorite cocktail.

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Brun Arak 750ml

Brun Arak 750ml

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