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Top Ten Luxury Champagnes

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Top Ten Luxury Champagnes

Most people don’t know that the different between Champagne and other sparkling white wines is that, Champagne is just white wine made in the French city of Champagne. No where else in the world can a drink be legally called and recognized as champagne. Although, that is the only real difference, that difference comes with differing results. The soil of the city of Champagne is specially fruitful with its delicious white grapes and those who take part in making champagne in this city, take the matter very seriously — some coming from more than a handful of champagne distillers.

Usually, reserved for celebration, Champagne is served best chilled and with good company. Here we put together our top ten luxury champagnes. The prices of champagne can get up there so if you do decide to pop these bottles, then we advise you to do it right and get you and your friends some Champagne flute glasses.


  1. Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Champagne $139
  2. Dom Perignon Brut 
  3. Armand De Brignac Gold Brut $249
  4. Louis Roederer Cristal Brut

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