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Top 7 Tequilas of 2024

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Top 7 Tequilas of 2024

Whether you're searching for a tequila to drink on the rocks or for sipping, an excellent tequila is essential to have on hand. Tequila is a popular spirit in many cocktails, along with an excellent beverage for inventing new creations. 

No matter what you choose, each bottle provides something different, so it’s only fitting that you know which ones rank at the top.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top seven tequilas in 2024. 

What are the Best Tequilas in 2024?

Below are the best tequilas in 2024. 

Fortaleza Añejo 

Double-distilled in copper pots and aged for 18 months in American oak barrels, Fortaleza Añejo has cooked aromas of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel, making it a highly-praised top-shelf tequila. This complex and rich tequila is so good that many tequila experts can detect raisin, nutmeg, pineapple, peach, and orange blossom in its nose.

Once you taste this tequila, you'll experience cooked agave with an oily and thick texture that soothingly coats your palette. Familiar flavors that you'll notice are hazelnut, toffee, caramel, and butterscotch. 

Many customers who drink Fortaleza Añejo enjoy its agave forwardness but agree that its availability is sometimes scarce. Fortaleza Añejo is an 80-proof tequila that everyone can enjoy.

Fortaleza Blanco

Fortaleza Blanco is fermented in open-air wood tanks and cooked in a stone and brick oven. This tequila has citrus aromas that give it a unique nose, making it a one-of-a-kind blanco tequila. During your experience, you also may notice black pepper, earth, olive, and butter, making it a complex tequila.

While tasting Fortaleza Blanco, you’ll notice flavors of lime, vanilla, cooked agave, citrus, and basil. In addition, this tequila has a long finish, making it an easy but complex beverage.

Many customers love that Fortaleza Blanco is more affordable than other Fortaleza options and insist that it’s one of the best tequilas in 2024 that you can buy. 

Fortaleza Reposado

One of the most unique things that you’ll find out about Fortaleza Reposado is that each lot is individually aged in American oak barrels. For starters, this tequila has aromas of sage, caramel, citrus, cooked agave, and butter. This tequila is unlike the others, with unique qualities that make it distinct.

While tasting Fortaleza Reposado, you’ll notice flavors of cinnamon, earth, vanilla, citrus, apple, and cooked agave. This tequila has a rich and long finish, delicate spices, and an oily texture that makes it one of the best tequilas in 2024 to drink. Fortaleza Reposado is an exceptional tequila for experienced and beginner tequila drinkers.

According to Reposado drinks, many drinkers love this tequila with crushed ice and lots of muddled fruits. 


ocho Tequila

Ocho Blanco

Made by owner Carlos Camarena, this 100% agave tequila has notes of white pepper, candied citrus peel, gordal olives, and fresh-cut grass. This tequila has an intense flavor, which provides its sweet fruitiness. As the flavor continues, you'll experience citrus and pepper with a smooth and long finish due to its concentration.

According to tequila experts, drinkers love Ocho Blanco for its smoothness and great price. 

Ocho Reposado

Ocho Reposado is a 100% agave tequila with vanilla and nutty character from only two months of aging in oak barrels. This tequila has a soft and delicate nose and flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, and almond. As you continue, you'll notice hints of wood and oak.

Additionally, Ocho Reposado gives you a warm mouth feel, chewiness, and long finish. According to tequila drinkers, this tequila has an excellent value for its price, and love it for its smoothness. However, some say its hint of vegetal may be distracting. 

Ocho Añejo

Ocho Añejo tequila has aromas of powdered sugar along with dried fruits, caramel, plum, cinnamon, and orange peel. This tequila feels thick and smooth on the palate, which opens up its various slices, leading to softer black olive, lavender, and plum flavors. In its finish, you'll notice the flavors of cacao and coffee.

According to expert tequila drinkers, Ocho Añejo has exceptional flavors, is well-balanced, has a sweet agave flavor, and is recommended for a clean, unadulterated Añejo. 

Ocho Extra Añejo

Aged in American white oak barrels, Ocho extra Añejo is an 80-proof tequila with aromas of citrus, barrel spice, butter, coffee, caramel, and cooked agave. When tasting, you'll notice the flavors of orange, butterscotch, coffee, pepper, oak, and vanilla.

According to experts, tequila drinkers refer to this as a complex tequila that isn’t overly sweet. It has a taste that is more straightforward and classic-aged. Drinkers love this tequila for its wood undertones and light vanilla that make it excellent for sipping. 

El Tesoro Blanco

El Tesoro Blanco has a smooth palate and impeccable finish. Its unique agave flavors feature delicate notes of herbs, grapefruit, and lime. When tasting El Tesoro Blanco, you’ll notice a balanced but sweet taste.

Tequila drinkers enjoy this blanco for its hint of spice but mainly for its honey and agave notes. This is a consistently great tequila that any tequila drinker will enjoy. 

El Tesoro Reposado

Aged in American oak barrels for eight months, El Tesoro Reposado tequila has a premium taste that all tequila drinkers enjoy. At first smell, you’ll notice aromas of cooked agave that make their way through your glass to give you the ultimate tequila experience.

While tasting, you’ll notice flavors of spices, caramel, and vanilla, with the flavors of cinnamon that allow you to taste the sweet flavors. This tequila is one of the best tequilas in 2024 and has a generous and smooth finish. 

According to many tequila drinkers, they personally prefer the Reposado over Añejo because it's considered "clean and crisp". Many even say they would consider it a top 5 Reposado.

El Tesoro Extra Añejo

El Tesoro Extra Anejo is a special-aged tequila that is aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels for 4 to 5 years. With its short aging process, this adds the unique, rich flavors of coffee and chocolate. When drinking this tequila, you'll notice immediate aromas of butter, cinnamon, and coffee, with an oak finish and hints of pepper.

According to tequila drinkers, they love this tequila for its balanced but not over woody flavors. They love its lingering flavors of sweet vanilla that classify it as a well-crafted tequila. 

Cazcanes Blanco

Cazcanes Blanco is a 100-proof tequila that has aromas of mint, pepper, citrus, agave, brine, and cinnamon. At first taste, you’ll notice the flavors of pepper, cooked agave, mint, and flowers. 

According to tequila drinkers, many love this tequila for its intense agave nose, peppery finish, and high-proof intensity that gives it a fantastic alcohol tingle with overpowering hotness. 

Cazcanes Reposado

Cazcanes Reposado comes in three different varieties: No.7, No.9, and No.9 Rosa.


  • No.7 - Aromas of cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, butter, oak, and butterscotch. When tasting, you’ll notice the flavors of pepper, brine, salt, cinnamon, and vanilla.
  • No.9 - Aromas of cherry, citrus, cinnamon, leather, and butter. When tasting, you’ll notice flavors of oak, vanilla, fruits, cherry, and caramel.
  • No.9 Rosa - Aromas of plum, dried fruit, minerals, allspice, pineapple, and baking spice. When tasting, you’ll notice flavors of plum, dried cherries, berries, flowers, and prune.

According to tequila drinkers, many love Cazcanes Reposado for its high quality. Their favorite part of this tequila is its long, sweet finish and the flavors of agave that have been enhanced through their wine barrels. 

Cazcanes Añejo

Cazcanes Añejo is an 80-proof tequila with herbal aromas, honey, orange peel, pepper, and cinnamon. When tasting, you'll notice the immediate flavors of barrel spice, chocolate, butterscotch, cherry, caramel, and oak.

According to tequila drinkers, many love Cazcanes Añejo for its appealing nose perfect balance of flavors, sweetness, and alcohol. Many drinkers consider this an elite tequila that’s not cheap but definitely worth the money. 

Clase Azul Reposado

Clase Azul Reposado is one of the best tequilas in 2024 that is considered a smooth-aged tequila with a unique ceramic decanter. This tequila pairs perfectly with bittersweet chocolate, oranges, or smoked provolone cheese.

According to drinkers, this tequila has notes of vanilla, cooked agave, and banana cream pie. Midway through, you’ll experience more flavors of soft pepper and candied orange that sit balanced on your tongue. This tequila has a nut and long spice finish.

Clase Azul Reposado is a lightly-aged tequila that will have you wanting to slowly sip to enjoy its flavors, especially considering its price point.

Mandala Blanco

Double distilled in stainless steel pots, this 80-proof tequila has the aromas and flavors of cooked agave and pepper. Many tequila drinkers say Mandala Blanco is an excellent tequila with plenty of sweetness and spice that make it worth the value and price. It is very soft upfront with a surprisingly long but full finish. 

Mandala Reposado

At 40% ABV, this 80-proof tequila has aromas of cooked agave and vanilla and flavors of cooked agave, vanilla, and oak. According to many tequila drinkers, many say Mandala Reposado tequila is sweet in both taste and aroma, but they find it difficult to detect the flavors of agave. 

Mandala Añejo

Using Tequila Weber agave, this 80-proof tequila is one of the sweeter tequilas on the market with an increased flavor of vanilla. Many expert tequila drinkers agree that Mandala Anejo tequila is overwhelmingly sweet but has a very smooth finish. 

Mandala Extra Añejo

Aged in French oak barrels, this 80-proof tequila has aromas of pear, varnish, molasses, maple, caramel, and butter. When tasting, you'll notice the immediate flavors of tangerine, green apple, whiskey, honey, and vanilla. According to expert tequila drinkers, many say Mandala Extra Anejo tequila is excellent for taking shots but has an overly buttery and sweet taste. 

Adictivo Blanco

Adictivo Blanco is a 70-78-proof tequila twice distilled in stainless pots with copper oil. This tequila has many aromas that include cherry, cinnamon, apple, fruits, pepper, and vanilla. When tasting, you'll notice the flavors of artificial sweetener, honey, white pepper, citrus, oak, caramel, apple, and coconut.

According to tequila drinkers, this tequila features a one-of-a-kind twisted heavy glass. This tequila is overly smooth, making it an excellent beverage for after dinner with a short finish without the heat. While many aren’t fond of the additives in this tequila, many agree that it’s an excellent dessert tequila that is easy to drink. 

Adictivo Reposado

Adictivo Reposado has golden sparkles with a noticeable straw color. Baked in brick ovens, it has twice distilled cooked agave juice after eight months of aging in French oak barrels. This tequila has the aromas of vanilla, honey, caramel, and oak.

When tasting, you’ll notice the flavors of solid oak, butterscotch, and honey. This tequila has a long finish, lingering sweetness, and mild alcohol. 

Adictivo Añejo

Adictivo Añejo has a golden amber color and a combination of toasted aromas. This Añejo has been aged for two years in French oak casks and is 80-proof. Adictivo Añejo has a nose of toasted oak and dried fruits and a taste that many describe as sweet with a silky texture. 

Adictivo Extra Añejo 

Aged in French oak barrels, Adictivo Extra Añejo has aromas of anise, pepper, honey, butterscotch, maple, oak, caramel, vanilla, and cooked agave. When tasting, you'll notice the flavors of plum, chocolate, molasses, butterscotch, oak, and caramel.

According to expert tequila drinkers, this tequila has an overwhelming caramel nose and drinks more like a liquor than a tequila. Many say it has some salinity and heat, but its sweetness overpowers the other flavors. If you prefer a sweeter tequila, this is a great option. 

Best Tequilas in 2024: FAQ

1. What is considered the best tequila on the market?

The best tequilas on the market are Fortaleza, El Tesoro, Clase Azul, Adictivo, and Mándala.

2. What tequila is top shelf?

Clase Azul Reposado is considered a top-shelf tequila.

3. What is the smoothest tequila for shots?

The smoothest tequila for shots is El Tesoro Blanco.

4. What kind of tequila is the smoothest?

Añejo tequila is considered the smoothest because of its darker color, complexity, richness, and smoother flavors. This tequila is one of the smoothest tequilas for sipping.

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