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Pairing Wines with Pizzas

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Pairing Wines with Pizzas

Pairing Wines with Pizzas

You may be under the impression that pizza is too ordinary a dish to break out a bottle of wine for, but the truth is that pairing wine with pizza is actually a rather delicious idea. The plainest of pizzas can taste like a selection from a fancy pizzeria when enjoyed with just the right kind of wine. If you’re interested in this dynamic dining duo, then you’ll want to make sure that you do it right in order to truly capture the best that the experience has to offer.


Types of Pizza


Cheese Pizza

The next time you order a plain cheese pizza, grab a bottle of Syrah blend to enjoy with it. What makes this particular paring work is the red sauce that brings out the notes and acidity in the wine.

With cheese pizza, essentially any light-bodied red wine will work well. If you’re used to drinking beer with your pizza and you’re in the mood for something new, a low tannin and light-bodied wine is a fine way to switch your drinking and eating game up.


Sausage Pizza

Sausage pizza lovers will want to choose between either a Syrah or Pinotage wine. The reasoning behind this particular pairing is that sausage has a rather robust flavor, which calls for a robust red wine. Again, this is a situation where you have to think just as much about the spices on your pizza as you do the toppings on the pizza.

Sausage is usually made with oregano, fennel, thyme and anise, which all combine to create an intense storm of flavor. Pinotage and Syrah both contain boisterous olive, plum, blackberry, blueberry and other dark fruit flavors that intertwine well with the spices in sausage.


Margherita Pizza

A pizza made with fresh basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella is complemented by a Dry Rose or Garnacha wine, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of red wine or rose wine. If you happen to be a fan of both types of wine, then you might let the ambiance of where you’ll be eating dictate your decision.

Since Margherita is a more “delicate” pizza, it deserves a lighter and more delicate red wine selection. The tomatoes should be the darkest thing that you enjoy.


Pepperoni Pizza

If pepperoni pizza is on the menu tonight, opt for a Sangiovese. The reason for this particular pairing is that pepperoni has a very strong flavor from the pork and cured beef. You also have to consider the spices in pepperoni, such as paprika, sugar, pepper, anise, and garlic powder.

The fat content in pepperoni also adds another layer of flavor to your pizza, which is one more culinary consideration to keep in mind when trying to find just the right wine. With so much going on on your pizza, you’ll need a bold wine with equally bold flavors to find the right balance to your meal.


Hawaiian Pizza

Zinfandel goes great with the pineapple and Canadian bacon found on Hawaiian pizza. What’s so unique about Riesling is that it has the acidity that you need to wipe your palate clean after eating pizza and the sweetness required to get the full flavor out of the Canadian bacon and pineapple combination. 


White Pizza

White pizza is made with a white cream sauce as opposed to a traditional red sauce. Both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay both go equally great with white pizza because they truly help bring those creamy notes to life on your taste buds. Even though you might be convinced that several other kinds of wine go well with creams, there’s something unique about Chardonnay and Pinot that truly work in perfect synch with the herbs often used to make white pizza.


Barbeque Chicken Pizza

The sweet smoky shades on barbeque chicken pizza taste even better when paired with Malbec wine. This is a match made in culinary heaven because the fruity notes in the wines go great with the sweet barbeque sauce.


Salad Pizza

Diners who enjoy a healthier pizza might order a salad pizza, which tastes excellent with a Sauvignon Blanc. A salad pizza can essentially be defined as a pizza crust topped with a salad.

The greens used in this pizza selection usually include arugula and spinach while the dressing can be a super sweet vinaigrette. With all of these ingredients, you’ll want a wine selection that tastes just as lush and tart, as if it were pulled from a wine garden.

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