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Devil’s Margarita

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Devil’s Margarita

If it’s going to be a Margarita, it has to have tequila. So you can’t get rid of the tequila (as if anyone would even want that), but no one said about it not being a Margarita if you’re adding something. A splash of wine adds properties most people normally don’t taste but secretly long for in a margarita. This drink adds for some customization as well, allowing for the drinker to include the type of wine they fancy. For this margarita,skip the salt as it adds an excessive amount of bitterness.


What you’ll need:


How to make it:

Now it’s time to make the cocktail. Make sure to have a separate glass for mixing filled with ice. Have your actual drinking filled with ice to chill, leaving the ice for the actual drink is your own choice. The ice in the mixing glass will be left behind to avoid dilution.


  1. In your mixing glass, pour in your tequila, syrup, and lime juice. Stir the drink until it is chilled to your liking.
  2. Strain your drink, leaving the ice behind
  3. Very gently top off with a splash of red wine.
  4. Garnish glass with the lime wheel


Woah! You’ve just made a beautiful drink (we won’t judge if you put it on the ‘gram). For quality cocktail ingredients and at home delivery, go to ShopSK.

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