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Bacardi Rum- Difference Between White or Dark Rum?

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Bacardi Rum- Difference Between White or Dark Rum?

Bacardi Rum- Difference Between White or Dark Rum?

Bacardi Rum - Difference Between White or Dark Rum? If you consider yourself even an amateur mixologist, you take your drink ingredients seriously. Perhaps you've tried all different kinds of moonshine or even the discontinued Bacardi 151. Either way, you're eager to learn more about liquors and spirits you might use.

Fortunately, you've come to the right article to learn all about the different kinds of rum available. If you want to make the best Bacardi drink, for instance, you need to know whether light or dark rum is ideal for it. (After all, the typical Bacardi price is reasonable for any rum-based drinks you might want to try.)

Detailed below, then, is your complete guide about the wonderful spirit of rum. You'll learn about the different colors of rum and how they're made. Then, you'll be able to impress your drinking buddies with your new knowledge.

Since 60% of adults drink alcohol within the United States, there's no shortage of recipes that you can play around with. Keep reading to easily distinguish between light rum, dark rum, and more.


How Is Rum Traditionally Made?

According to what we know about this spirit, rum originally came from the West Indies in the 1600s. Soon after, it started getting traded throughout the American colonies. 

Rum is a distilled liquor that can be made from the by-products of sugar production. For that reason, it's typically produced throughout tropical climates.

Since its popularity has been growing since its creation, companies that sell rum can be quite profitable. A successful brand of rum that we're going to look at is Bacardi. 


Why Is Bacardi Such a Popular Rum?

In the late 1800s, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó bought a small distillery in Santiago, Cuba. He had big dreams to establish a large rum-producing company, and he did just that. After passing the company through several generations, its success continued to spread throughout the globe. 

One reason for its popularity might be what it contributed to the world of alcohol. Bacardi is credited with the creation of the classic Cuba Libre mixed drinks, which consists of the simple recipe of rum and coke (typically with a slice of lime, too). 

Now, you can find Bacardi in most liquor stores you walk into. It's high-quality without being too expensive, so the typical alcohol consumer loves it. 

Bacardi as a company is not going anywhere any time soon, either. After all, the global market of alcohol sales is only expected to increase by over 3% leading up to 2026. If you're hoping to taste all of the various kinds of Bacardi rum at some point, you'll be able to find them easily.


What Is Bacardi 151?

Perhaps you've heard of Bacardi 151 but can't find it anywhere in liquor stores. Well, it's unfortunately been discontinued, since its alcohol levels were too high for mass consumption. 

Bacardi 151 was named so because it was 151 proof. In other words, it was a whopping 75.5% straight alcohol.

That essentially made it unsafe, so the company doesn't make it anymore. Still, you might find a friend or family member that has a bottle safely stored somewhere that you could try a taste. Just remember to consume this rum safely and responsibly.


What Are the Different Colors of Bacardi Rum?

The two main categories of rum options are simple: light and dark. Bacardi light rum is a great option if you're trying rum for the first time. 

That's because light rum, also called silver or white rum, is the smoothest type to consume. It doesn't have as strong of an alcohol taste to it.

Light rum is typically sweeter, too. Dark rum, on the other hand, is stronger in flavor (though not necessarily in the level of alcohol itself). You can even taste the molasses undertones from when it was distilled from sugar by-products.

The differences between light and dark rums are due to how they're made. Dark rum is aged in charred oak barrels for several years. In contrast, light rum is aged for a shorter amount of time in stainless steel barrels.

There's also a kind of rum that's somewhat in between these two production processes. Bacardi has developed a gold rum that is not quite as intense as dark rum and not quite as sweet as light rum.

The different colors of Bacardi rum can be used for different kinds of mixed drinks and cocktails. Let's take a look at some popular options.


What Are Some Good Drink Recipes for Bacardi Dark Rum? 

If you like your drinks to be strong and taste like the actual spirit you're drinking, feel free to give Bacardi black rum a try. Compared to light rum, this option really packs a punch when it comes to flavor. 

For that reason, it actually isn't used in as many cocktails as light rum. Instead, it goes well with the simple rum-and-coke mixed drink mentioned earlier. 

One dark rum cocktail worth noting is the Dark 'n Stormy. For this drink, you'd add two ounces of dark rum, a half ounce of lime juice, and three ounces of ginger beer to ice in a glass. To add more fun to this recipe, include a candied ginger slice.

In addition, many people use dark rum for cooking purposes. The molasses undertones can really complete a meal's flavor profile.

In fact, Bacardi spiced rum is even more flavorful in this way. Not only is it aged for a long time, but it also has added caramel and spice flavors to kick up the flavor a little bit. Both spiced rum and the traditional black rum are also great for drinking straight - as long as you're responsible with it!


What Are Some Good Drink Recipes for Bacardi White Rum?

As mentioned, white or light rum is the sweetest option for this spirit. That's why it's so good in a wide variety of rum-based cocktails. If you're interested in what to mix with Bacardi white rum, the options are essentially limitless. 

There are many mixers that can make a great combination with light rum. For these, you'd only have to pour your shot (or two) of light rum over ice, then add the mixer to the top of the glass. Bacardi light rum pairs well with soda, tonic water, ginger beer, or citrus juices such as pineapple, orange, or grapefruit. 

In addition, you should consider a more detailed cocktail to try with your light rum. A Pina Colada is particularly refreshing, for example.

This cocktail is ideal if it can be blended, but shaking the ingredients and serving them over ice can work just as well. It's made with rum, cream of coconut (or coconut milk), and pineapple juice. 

As you might be able to tell, rum drinks are perfect for the tropical lifestyle. Enjoy them on the beach or by the pool. Another key light rum cocktail is the classic Mojito. 


How Can You Make the Best Mojito?

If you really want to make a traditional light rum cocktail, you have to try the Mojito. It's a little bit more involved than the Pina Colada, but it's worth the effort. 

You'll need rum, mint, club soda, sugar, and lime. Start by adding a few mint leaves, two tablespoons of sugar, and a lime wedge into the bottom of the glass. You'll need a muddler to smash these ingredients around and let out all of the delicious flavors. 

Once these are mixed well, add ice all the way to the top of the glass. Then, add your desired portion of rum followed by filling the rest of the way with club soda. Finally, add a lime wedge on top and a straw, and you'll be ready to enjoy this classic cocktail in style. 


What Are the Differences Between Bacardi and Malibu Rum?

It's true that there are other popular rum brands available in the current market. One notable example is Malibu, which you've likely tried if you've ever been to a "college bar."

Malibu rum is different than Bacardi in a few key ways. For one thing, it's not even technically a rum. It's made with rum, but because the alcohol level is so low (21%), it's classified as a liqueur. Also, the company is Canadian-based instead of from a tropical area like Bacardi's home base. 

You're learning so much about rum and its varieties, so you should be looking forward to impressing your drinking pals with all of this new knowledge. If you want another way to impress them, check out this Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez rum. This rum has been aged for ten whole years and is more of a luxury spirit that's worth trying for any rum connoisseur.


Start Shopping for the Ingredients of Your Favorite Bacardi Drink

Now that you can prepare rum-based drinks with expertise, make sure you get your Bacardi drink recipe ingredients from a reliable source. You might even consider shopping for liquors and spirits online to have them shipped to you. 

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Browse through our website to see what liquors and spirits we have available. We do actually have a wide variety of different-colored rums you might be interested in. Sort through our rum selection at your convenience. 

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