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Pairing Different Wines with Different Steaks

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Pairing Different Wines with Different Steaks

Pairing Different Wines with Different Steaks

The key when cooking or ordering steak is not to pinpoint a “one size fits all” suggestion.  Rather, by considering the cut and preparation of the steak alongside personal preference, one can find a myriad of options to accompany any bovine feast. Let’s consider steak and wine pairings by cut.


Best Wine With Filet Mignon

Answer: Pinot Noir

Why: As previously mentioned, Pinot Noir can actually be a lovely pairing with this lighter cut of meat.  True, some Pinots are lithe and delicate and will likely be overwhelmed by any red meat; however, there are many examples of Pinot that can easily stand up. 

California produces many such examples: Pinots from Napa will be generally richer than those from Sonoma. Even within cool Sonoma, plenty of full-bodied Pinots exist. In the Burgundy region of France, regions such as Vosne-Romanée and Gevrey-Chambertin are known for their masculine, well-structured and rich Pinot Noirs—and are especially well-suited to savory and aromatic accompaniments such as mushrooms, truffles, and herbs.


Best Wine With A New York Strip

Answer: Rhône and Bordeaux blends

Why: New York Strip is a cut of steak that is plenty rich, firmer in texture and a bit less fatty than a ribeye with a good bite.  While this cut can surely hold up to the biggest wines, it does not require them—therefore New York Strip steak is a good opportunity to branch out into new styles of wine. 

We particularly enjoyRhône- and Bordeaux-style blends; these blends are created with several varieties of wine blended together to create prime balance. For example, the dark rich Syrah in a Rhône blend is complemented by the juicy red fruit of Grenache and perhaps even the aromatic lift of Viognier, a white variety.  The bold, tannic Cabernet Sauvignon in a Bordeaux blend is complimented by lush, chewy merlot and earthy, aromatic Cabernet Franc.

The result is wines that are at once rich and balanced; smooth and structured; fruity and savory. Perfect for balancing the New York Strip. While many classic examples hail from the Rhône and Bordeaux regions of France themselves, California also produces some noteworthy blends. 


Best Wine With Flank Steak/Skirt Steak

Answer: Zinfandel

Why: Flank Steak  is often cooked with a good char and served with a sauce.  They are toothsome and rich without being overly fatty.

I love this opportunity to throw in a good Zinfandel—especially if the meat is prepared with any kind of spice.  Zinfandel is a rich, chewy varietal that is full-bodied yet without the firm tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon, which require a higher fat content to be softened on the palate.  Its fruitiness will hold up to spice (dry wine intensifies and clashes with spice) and Zinfandel is usually generously oaked which will pick up any char on the meat (remember: oak loves smoke). As a bonus, Zinfandel is usually less expensive than the other wines on this list, making it the perfect companion to these affordable cuts of meat.


Best Wine With A Ribeye Steak

Answer: Cabernet Sauvignon

Why: Cabernet Sauvignon is the best wine to pair with Ribeye steak, but why? Ribeye is the big daddy cut of steak. It is the richest cut with the highest fat content and is known for its ample intramuscular marbling.  The ribeye is the perfect opportunity to go full-on classic steakhouse.

If you are a die-hard “Cab Guy (or Girl)”, this is your cut.  The high tannin content and medium acidity level of Cabernet Sauvignon melts together with the fatty beef—helping to cut through the richness. The full body of a classic Cab will never get lost against a hearty meal.  Like the ribeye, Cabernet Sauvignon is turned to high volume on all fronts. This will not be a subtle meal but is sure to satisfy.

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