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Korbel Prosecco 750ml
Korbel Prosecco 750ml
Korbel Prosecco 750ml

Korbel Prosecco 750ml

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Korbel Prosecco 750ml

KORBEL Prosecco is produced and bottled entirely in the Prosecco DOC, Denominazione di Origine Controllata, located in north eastern Italy. The Prosecco zone overlaps much of Italy’s cool white wine growing regions, the Veneto and Friuli, and is located close to the famous medieval city of Venice. Here along the hillsides and valleys, the Glera grape thrives and provides local producers with the base wine from which prosecco is made.

Korbel Prosecco is focused on a fruit forward style. The goal is to make a Prosecco that is light, crisp and fun to drink. The aromas are of white peaches, pear and lemon zest. The flavors are delicate, bright and alive on the tongue.

KORBEL Prosecco is all about lightness, tangy bubbles and fun. Keep the foods light and fun too. Canapes are perfect; try prosciutto and melon, chilled braised asparagus, calamari fritters and local artisanal cheeses. Or if you want to try something different, try KORBEL Prosecco with nigiri sushi.

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Korbel Prosecco 750ml

Korbel Prosecco 750ml

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