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Grand Marnier Liqueur 750ml

Grand Marnier Liqueur 750ml

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Grand Marnier Liqueur 750ml

Mix up a classic cocktail with Grand Marnier Liqueur, Grand Marnier's signature expression. Created in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, Grand Marnier offers a premium blend of cognacs with wild tropical oranges from the Caribbean. Grand Marnier Liqueur balances the flavors of bitter orange with cognac notes of hazelnuts and toffee before reaching a long, harmonious finish. Enjoy this cognac and orange liqueur on the rocks, or mix into your favorite cocktails to elevate them from good to Grand. Use the cognac for a sophisticated twist on a Margarita, Old Fashioned or a Sidecar. This award-winning orange liqueur is closed in the iconic, highly recognizable bottle with the wax seal. It is distinguished by the red ribbon, a symbol of its quality. The 750ml ml bottle of Grand Marnier Liqueur has a 40% alcohol by volume and should be enjoyed responsibly. Grand Marnier is the result of a time-honored tradition of master blenders that skillfully and carefully have passed their savoir faire onto one another since 1880. The result is an extraordinary alchemy of passion, audacity and tradition. Live Grand.

  • Created in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle.
  • Grand Marnier Liqueur offers a premium blend of cognacs and orange liqueur.
  • Grand Marnier adds an air of sophistication to casual parties, special occasions, holidays or drinks with friends.
  • Enjoy the liquor neat, poured over ice or used to upgrade classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Margarita.
  • Ideal for the sophisticated lover of cognac interested in a sophisticated twist to elevate cocktails.
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    Grand Marnier Liqueur 750ml

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