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Deep Blue Russian Vodka 750ml

Russia has generally been recognized as the birthplace of vodka and is globally recognized for quality. Located 470 miles northeast of Moscow is the city of Velikiy Ustug. Dating back to 1208 it is one of the most revered cities in the Russian north region. It holds a special place in the hearts of Russians as it is the home...

Putinka Classic Vodka 750ml

Putinka Classic' really deserves its most honorary title of the 'National vodka'. 'Putinka Classic' has the most complex and expensive formula of the drinks produced at the Crystal Moscow Distillery. It is widely known that many companies selecting receipts for their vodkas referred to our 'Classic' as a standard.

Imperial Collection Gold Vodka 750ml

Imperial Collection Gold is a super-premium Russian vodka which recently took two prestigious awards from the Vodka Masters Competition. It's a superb spirit which is made with the soft waters of Lake Ladoga. It also undergoes a 12-stage purification process before bottling.

Sovetskoye White Moscato Semi Sweet 750ml

Many sparkling Wines are also identified as Blanc de Blancs(Wines made from Chardonnay grapes), (Wines produced from black grapes), or rose or pink sparkling Wine/champagnes. Sovetskoye Shampanskoye ('Soviet Champagne') is a generic brand of sparkling Wine produced in the Soviet Union and successor states. It was produced for many years as a state-run initiative. Typically the Wine is made from...

Putinka Soft Vodka 750ml

Strong drink production makes it difficult to display tender feelings towards people...but we have done it! Putinka Soft will soften the people around, making them more kind and sensitive. This vodka has a mild flavor unlike any other types of vodka produced by Crystal Distillery, Moscow.

Sovetskoye White Semi Sweet 750ml

Sovetskoe Zolotoe "Soviet Gold" White Semi-Sweet Produced and bottled by Maurt SRL. From the ancient Greek and Romans to the Russian tsars and the Soviet elite, Sovietskoye Gold frizzante Wine from Moldova has been prized for their excellent quality. Famous for its French-grape varieties brought to the Moldavian region in the 19th century by the Romanoff dynasty, made from selected...

Sovetskoye Semi Sweet Sparkling Wine 750ml

Sovetskoe Sparkling Wine series _ the most famous brand of sparkling wine in Eastern Europe and Russia which was first launched back in 1937. The Republic of Belarus is the only country in the world where the State Standard of â_________ __________Ž remains unchanged and where wine is still produced using the same traditional methods.

Kremlin Award Classic Vodka 750ml

OVERVIEW Kremlin Award Classic was found and elaborated with pride and respect to Russian Classic roots of handcrafted Vodkas. The recipe is created on the ground of heritage formula and centuries-old experience of ancient Russian Vodka makers, combined with modern traditions. FINISH The finished blend remains in the tanks for two weeks and only after re-tasting it comes to bottling....

Sovetskoye White Semi Dry 750ml

Fruity and fresh wine obtained through the blending of white wine, vinification, and the natural fermentation process

Hamovniki Lager 6PKB 11.20 OZ

Hamovniki is one of the oldest beer brands in Russia. Dutch Design House (DDH) was asked to create a unique and highly visible brand presentation for the relaunch of the Hamovniki beer brand. After a thorough study of the Russian beer market, the brands' history and global beer trends, DDH decided to re-introduce the conical-shaped bottle, which was commonly used...

Zhiguli Barnoy 6PKB 330ml

A unique cold exposure that lasts for 21 days, as well as the use of a specially grown race of yeast, gives this beer its particularly memorable taste, which is rich and full.

Stolichnaya Vodka 750ml

Stolichnaya is the most distinctive vodka in the world. Distilled from rich grain and finished with pure natural waters, Stolichnaya is from Russia, the birthplace of great vodka. Try it chilled neat (traditional Russian style), on the rocks or with your favorite juice or mixer. You'll taste why Stoli? is The Russian Phenomenon.

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