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Rompope Coronado 1 Liter

Rompope is a traditional Mexican Cream made with cream, vanilla beans, eggs and rum a similar drink a eggnog very popular in Mexico during Christmas celebrations or Posadas. Make your favorite Mexican dessert: cake, mousse or gelatine with rompope.

Tres Coronas Sherry 1 Liter

Tres Coronas Sherry Mexican Specialty offers ripe flavors of cherry and strawberry, slightly jammy and spicy but with a pleasing balance of light tannins and fresh acidity.

Los Jarochos Alcohol 1 Liter

Los Jarochos Alcohol De Cana Distilled from sugar cane 1liter 99 proof. Origin: Mexico. Manufacturer: Alcohol Percent: 49.5%

Master of Mixes Margarita 1 Liter

Master of Mixes Margarita Mix is an authentic blend of Key lime juice harvested from a limited growing area in coastal Mexico, essential citrus oils used in triple sec, and a touch of simple syrup and pure agave syrup for a naturally refreshing, authentic flavor. Master of Mixes Margarita is expertly blended with ingredients that make it versatile enough to...

Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix 1 Liter

Finest Call Sweet & Sour mix is a blend of real first press lemon juice and sugar, highlighted by all natural lemon juice, orange and lime extracts.ξ

Finest Call Mojito Mix 1 Liter

This drink mix is made of a delicious blend of lime juice and other fresh flavors that produces a consistent, quality mojito every time. Its perfect blend of fresh mint and real lime juice is sure to tempt your customers into ordering another round.

Finest Call Mai Tai Mix 1 Liter

Finest Call Mai Tai Mix contains orange, pineapple, lemon and lime juices for an amazing flavor burst. Simply add rum, shake and pour over the rocks for the perfect mai tai.

Santa Clara Rompope 1 Liter

There are many different brands of Rompope produced in Mexico; Santa Clara is by far #1. It is currently being distributed in Mexico by Casa Cuervo. They use all natural ingredients unlike most of the other brands of Rompope. Rompope is a traditional liqueur from Mexico made with fresh cream, sugar and eggs. It is consumed primarily straight but is...

Finest Call Pomegranate Mix 1 Liter

Let the popular fruit sensation of pomegranate increase profits at your bar with this delicious Finest Call pomegranate drink mix! Finest Call pomegranate drink mix is the simplest way to make pomegranate martinis and pomegranate daiquiris.

Skeleton Malbec 1 Liter

Skeleton Malbec is dark as the pitch black night with a dense core going out into a fine blood-red rim definition and sporting high viscosity.An enticing Malbec with aromas of violet and plum, alongside secondary notes of blackberry jam and dark fruits.