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H2 Rose Mango 500ml

Mangoes squishy texture and tangy passionate flavor create a wave of colorful sensations that illuminate your body. Sipping H2 Rose mango is a tropical kiss with golden nectar lips. H2 Rose Mango has a lovely and delicate sweet perfume infused with saffron and roses. Refreshing and aromatic, it will bring you straight to paradise. 

H2 Rose Wild Berry 500ml

Wild berries alluring colors will trap your eyes and seduce your mouth. A wild waterfall of flavors traveling through your system. Wild Berries luscious fragrance fuses the perfume of the rain forest with warm caramel. A delicate tangy-sweet, magical experience that purifies your body. Wild berries and roses rejuvenate your skin while enhancing your natural beauty. Awaken your inner light with...

H2 Rose Peach 500ml

H2 Rose Peach is an exclusive blend of roses with a particularly fruity texture that gets juicier and crisper as you explore its flavor. Its tangy traces will bring you back to rays of sunshine on a warm summer day.

H2 Rose Apple 500ml

Packed with protein and fiber, this breakfast smoothie will kickstart your morning. Oats are loaded with fiber that helps to control bad cholesterol and will provide you with lots of energy to get through your day.