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            Aralez is a very famous brandy across the continent with balanced acidic in nature and aggressive in nature.

            Aralez Black Plum Brandy 750ml

            Aralez Black Plum Brandy 750ML

            Aralez Grape Brandy 750ml

            Aralez grape brandy is hard, very potable, balanced with mildly developed aroma, made by the distillation of the whole crushed grapes. You will feel incredible wave spreading all over your body afterwards.

            Aralez Cornelian Cherry Brandy 750ml

            Cornel tree is valued as a magical tree. Also, this brandy can be called magical. Very unusual brandy and very specific taste that is slightly sweet. Cornelian cherry brandy is very rare and appreciated brandy all over the world.

            Aralez Apricot Brandy 750ml

            Aralez apricot brandy is one of top class fruit brandies of premium quality. Carefully monitored process of destoning and pulping apricot fruits leaves the best part of fruit for unrivaled taste and unchangeable satiety of beverage. Full fruit bouquet of taste and aroma makes this fruit brandy distinctive, but especially stands out as smooth and harmonic drink that will lift...

            Aralez Mulberry Brandy 750ml

            Mulberry brandy is a strong alcoholic drink mainly produced in Armenia. It has the delicate and unique aroma of mulberries and a pleasant, slightly oily taste. Once having tasted it, one will probably never drink usual vodka anymore.

            Aralez Wild Pear Brandy 750ml

            Aralez wild pear brandy is the best way to start your celebration and enjoy quality without compromise. Smooth but intense fruity flavor that stays in the mouth gives the senses an experience to remember.

            Aralez Quince Brandy 750ml

            Aralez quince brandy is one of best brandies of remarkable quality that will satisfy demanding taste. The base of quince brandy is 100% fresh and fully ripe quince fruit handpicked and prepared for perfection. The fullness of aroma and taste is direct effect of the amount of quince which go into producing this fine spirit.

            Aralez Black Mulberry Brandy 750ml

            Smooth and intense brandy made from black mulberry. It has elegant taste, rich aromatic and flavor bouquet. Long-lasting aftertaste.