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Arak is a distilled Levantine spirit of the anise drinks family. It is translucent and unsweetened. This alcoholic drink is made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers. Arak is traditionally made of only two ingredients, grapes and aniseed. Arak is a stronger flavored liquor. Shop your product online from ShopSK.

Fakra Arak 750ml

Fakra Arak 750ml Fakra Arak was born from an Arak distillery founded in the early eighteenth century in Kfardebian by a noble Lebanese family of Mount Lebanon whose members were Consuls of France and Venice. The distillery is presently equipped with several traditional pot stills and numerous clay jars that give "Fakra Arak" its superior quality and premium taste so...

Touma Arak 750ml

Touma Arak 750ml Said Touma came from a family with a long history in the alcohol business and founded Clos St. Thomas in 1997. The winery was named after the chapel of St. Thomas, found in the heart of the vineyards. Touma Arak is distilled four times using a variety of grapes and quality aniseed. Product of Lebanon. Name after...

El Massaya Arak 750ml

El Massaya Arak 750ml El Massaya Arak made by triple distilling from Obeidi grapes in a vine wood fired Moorish copper still before macerating aniseed in the spirit and allowing it to rest in clay amphorae for many months. To serve, mix with water like Turkish Raki (the producer suggests 2:1, or 6:1 for a longer refreshing aperitif) and add...

Ksara Arak 750ml

Ksara Arak 750ml The arak of Chateau Ksara is a truly authentic expression of Lebanon's traditional, anise-flavored spirit. Ksara Arak is produced in a specially-designed alembic still using an innovative technique to assure that only the heart of the distillate, the real "pure flower", is used. Finally, following ancestral norms, Ksara Arak is matured for two years in clay jars from...

Gantous and Abou Raad Arak 750ml

Gantous and Abou Raad Arak 750ml Gantous and Abou Raad Arak is Similar to ouzo and pastis, Arak is an anise-flavored, traditional libation in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern counties. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak is made with just three ingredients: grape spirit, aniseeds, and water. Therefore, the flavor and aroma is distinctively clean and bright. Thanks to the natural...

Shellelet Zahle Arak 750ml

Shellelet Zahle Arak 750ml Shellelet Zahle Arak Prepared from pure spirits in it's oldest traditional way, the fine taste of Arak Shellelet Zahle has been achieved through a double distillation method under the supervision of highly qualified technicians. Enjoy Shellelet Zahle Arak anytime! Other Varieties: Haddad Gold Arak 750ml Al Rayan Arak 750ml

Brun Arak 750ml

Brun Arak 750ml Brun Arak is the world’s most famous arak. Brun Arak made with alcohol produced traditionally using a three-stage distillation in alembics from estate-grown grapes that’s blended with fresh anise to create it’s signature aromatics. The crystal clear arak is then aged in old clay jars inside a hundred-year-old cellar. This traditional process grants Brun Arak a softness...